Would you like to be color matched for LimeLife by Alconeā€™s Perfect Foundation?

To get the most accurate color match, a natural light photo is necessary.

To get the perfect selfie, follow the simple instructions below.

1) Wash any makeup or other "skin altering" products from your face. Having this on in the photo could result in a false color match. Don't worry about any imperfections -- this is a safe space and the photos are only used for getting your perfect foundation colors.

2) Find a window during the daylight hours and face that window. You should be looking out into the world, NOT facing away with the light behind you. Once you're positioned at the window, take one or two steps back so that you're well-lit but do not have any harsh light or shadows across your face.

3) Take a picture! You can do this with a phone or camera, either will do. Be sure all lighting is even, the photo is crisp and not blurry. Once taken, your photo should look similar to this one.

4) Once you capture a photo you're happy with, use the form below to submit for color matching.

**Please note: not following these directions could result in an incorrect color-match and/or delay your results.

Please be sure to follow all directions for a quick and easy match.**